Nice Guys Ryan Gosling Denim Fur Blue Jacket

Nice Guys Ryan Gosling Denim Fur Blue Jacket

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The Nice Guys Holland March Blue Denim Shearling Ryan Gosling Jacket

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The Nice Guys Holland March Blue Denim Shearling Ryan Gosling Jacket

This Holland March Denim Shearling Jacket is an impersonation of the jacket that Holland wore in The Nice Guys. In the movie, Holland March is a private eye whom Misty’s aunt hires. While investigating, March then meets one of Misty’s associates named Amelia. Healy then breaks into Holland’s house and breaks Holland’s arm. Further, Holland then teams with Healy to find Amelia. Along with Healy, Holland goes to investigate Amelia’s protest group and learns about her film. He then goes with Healy to a party to Sid. While being drunk, Holland finds Sid dead and also encounters Amelia. He then goes to meets Amelia’s mother with Healy. After finding Amelia, Holland takes her to his house. During the delivery, when Holland crashes the car, he realizes the truth. Further, he then goes to the Auto Show with Healy. Holland then engages in a fight with Older Guy. In the end, Holland starts working with Healy. Ryan Gosling portrayed the character of Holland.

Product Features:

  • 100% denim material
  • Inner fur lining
  • Blue color
  • Front button closure
  • Inspired by movie: Nice Guys
  • Worn by: Ryan Gosling as Holland March

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